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Your story is everything. Count on Dev to help you craft a memorable narrative that's tailored for your audience.

Communicate your impact.

Dev helps teams at mission-driven organizations tell their stories across a multitude of formats, whether it's a slick slide deck, exec talking points, a crisp post on the company blog, a flagship report, or a progress update to your funders.

And in every case, you can expect beautiful, well-designed, thoughtful, and compelling final products.


Design beautiful products

Tell your story with the help of well designed, compelling materials. Anything from publications and product mockups to slide decks and logos.


Craft memorable communication materials

Draft your team's blog posts, executive talking points, and team updates using clear, crisp, and compelling prose.


Tell a compelling data story

Leverage the best information design techniques to visualize data and surface insights that that reveal, inspire, and challenge


Publish open data

Develop internal or public programs that share data to catalyze research, entpreneurship, and innovation.

Graphic design services

Good visuals increase our desire to read content by 80%.

With a broad toolkit that includes modern generative AI Tools and industry-standard design software, I craft compelling and memorable visuals that help tell your story, like:

co_presentThat killer slide for your pitch deck
shapesA new brand identity or logo refresh
languageA website for your new project
smartphoneMockups or UX/UI designs for your tech idea
lab_profileA professional report or conference materials
hubStunning and effective data visualizations

Design portfolio

Data storytelling

Geospatial artwork highlighting waterways in the Washington DC area, developed in support of a local industry conference about water and sanitation.

Reports and publications

Typesetting and design of an impact report submitted to the US government funder of a project to advance health and gender equity in East Africa.

Logo and brand identity

Logo, business cards, and website for Picaflor, a nonprofit based in Latin America. Picaflor is Spanish for hummingbird, which can be seen in the mark surrounded by a flower.

Reports and publications

Typesetting and design for a 50+ page workbook designed for city leaders to advance innovation and economic growth in their communities.

Logo and brand identity

Logo for Lake Forest Drive, a startup based in northwestern United States. The mark is inspired by the region's abundant pine and evergreen trees.

Data storytelling

Interactive social network analysis of community impact data, submitted as part of a program impact assessment to the US government.

Mockups and UX/UI design

Product mockups for Hotshot, a startup that connects people to personalized coaching for health and well-being.

Logo and brand identity

Logo for Data Zetu, a project funded by the US Government in Tanzania to advance health and gender equity

Data storytelling

A custom infographic featuring insights about the US national park system in honor of National Public Lands Day in the US.

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