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Dev is a cross-functional design and digital literacy studio. Mission-driven organizations turn to Dev for help using tech, data, and design to accelerate their impact.

cross-functional (adj.)

The ability to interpret, communicate, and translate credibly across industries, disciplines, or technical spaces.

design (n.)

The practice of making intentional, informed, aesthetic, and iterative choices about a product, service, or process.

mission-driven organization(adj.)

A group that's committed to purpose beyond profit — think nonprofits, governments, educators, journalists, and researchers.

impact (n.)

A positive social change, especially one that advances the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Work with Dev to capitalize on all that good design represents: solid research, creative thinking, evidence-based decision making, and powerful storytelling. Here's how:


Helping you learn, build, or share things. Conduct impactful research, craft new ideas or bids, tell a data story, and more.


Seminars and tools to build digital literacy. Perfect for team retreats, professional development, and upskilling your team.


Photos and prints for sale, featuring wildlife, nature, landscapes, and astronomical phenomena like solar eclipses and northern lights.

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I’m Samhir. After building my career in social impact teams across industries like nonprofits, UN organizations, and Silicon Valley, I’m now working 1:1 with clients on projects at the crossroads of global development, technology, digital literacy, and design.

mailGet in touch at samhir [at] dev [dot] design.

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