Ignite your data viz passion.

Data Visualization 101 is a slightly unconventional crash-course on the basics of information design, with plenty of hands-on activities. Offered in 4-hour, 1-day, or 4-day seminars.

What's included?

Whether you work with data every day or cringe whenever you open a spreadsheet, this course offers an introduction that's accessible to all and will unleash the information designer hidden within you!

Review the topics we cover in each version of the seminar.

4-hour version:

  • Principles from data viz luminaries
  • Data viz foundations
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Careers in data viz
  • Choosing charts and tools

1-day version:

  • Everything from the 4-hr version
  • Tutorials for 2-4 tools
  • Finding open data
  • Data viz for social impact
  • Storytelling methods
  • Data feminism and humanism

4-day version:

  • Everything from the 1-day version
  • Tutorials for 5-8 tools
  • Data viz through the ages
  • Qualitative data viz
  • AI and data viz
  • Location data viz
  • Visual processing and encoding
  • Visualizing uncertainty
  • Cleaning data for visualization

All versions include hands-on activities, expert facilitation, and carefully crafted materials to support your learning journey. The 4-day option includes lunch and light refreshments.

Want to build something special?

Data Visualization 101 is highly modular, so it's easy to build a bespoke seminar for your team and needs. Pick the topics you care about, and I'll put together a memorable learning experience that fits your context and constraints.

Start by getting in touch.

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