How can AI transform research?

This workshop familiarizes staff at mission-driven organizations with practical tools, tips, and techniques to make research, evaluation, and learning more efficient.

What's included?

Through thoughtfully designed and tailored activities, build practical skills to conduct market analyses and evaluate qualitative information.

Perfect for new teams building proposals, managing projects, conducting market analyses, and more. Offered as a 4-hour workshop.

Workshop topics:

  • Intro to generative AI and LLMs
  • Choosing the right tools
  • Risks and limitations
  • Hands-on demos with 1-3 tools
  • Practical tips and tricks

All versions include hands-on activities, expert facilitation, and carefully crafted materials to support your learning journey.

Want to build something special?

Research With AI is highly modular, so it's easy to build a bespoke seminar for your team and needs. Pick the topics you care about, and I'll put together a memorable learning experience that fits your context and constraints.

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